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What is the Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord?

The Kingdom of Drakenfjord is a  Kingdom within the High Fantasy Society.  

What is the High Fantasy Society?

The High Fantasy Society (HFS) The High Fantasy Society is a non-profit organization, which studies and re-enacts periods of medieval and ancient history, and some fantasy genres of literature. It is not just a "study group", but also uses a form of Live-Action Role-play (LARP) to give our meetings greater flavor and depth.  The HFS featurs a safe and fun simulated combat and magic system.  Since The HFS is a role-playing game, it allows player characters to interact with other characters without the use of a script. As an HFS player, you take on the persona and role of a character that you create. You decide what your character does and says and how your character acts and reacts toward other characters.  As a Live-Action Role-Playing game takes role-playing even further. You actually dress and act like the character that you create. HFS incorporates a safe and fun, yet realistic, simulated combat and magic system that allows characters to act out what would otherwise be physically impossible in our mundane reality. Participation in the HFS actually allows you to physically participate in quests and combats that you have, in the past, only imagined. The High Fantasy Society is non-sectarian and is not officially affiliated with any organization or role-playing system besides The High Fantasy Society Live-Action Role-Playing Game.

What is a Live-Action Role-playing Game?

A role-playing game is one that allows its players to each take on the role of a character, like those that are in a play. The difference is that a role-playing game does so without the use of a script. A Live-Action Role-playing game (LARP) takes role-playing even further. The players actually dress and act like the characters whose roles they've taken on.

As an HFS player, you'll take on the persona and role of a character that you create, taking on that persona and role throughout your stay. You decide what your character does and says, and how your character acts and reacts towards other characters.

HFS incorporates a safe and fun (yet realistic) system of rules that allow HFS characters to act out what would otherwise be impossible in our mundane world. In the HFS LARP, you will be able to physically participate in the quests on which your character embarks, fight in the combats in which your character engages, and cast spells using your character's magic.

Is there more to HFS than simulated combat?

Yes! There is much more to HFS than simulated combat. The various HFS groups have regular medieval style courts, feasts, games, demonstrations, and revels. You can learn medieval arts and sciences, such as costume making, medieval dancing, and cooking. HFS groups have frequent tournaments where members can compete with other members to prove their prowess. Cultural events are sponsored to allow members to display their crafting skills, and competing with other members for awards. Regular camp-outs are held where members can interact with other players, staying in character for an entire weekend.

What groups are there in HFS?

There are currently HFS chapters in many cities in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Huntsville, Laredo, Livingston, McAllen, Plano, Rockdale, San Antonio and Waco. All of these groups have an open membership policy and are always happy to welcome new members.

The High Fantasy Society emphasizes elements of both history and fantasy through the following means:

         We recreate a medieval lifestyle. We have our own system of nobility, and offer award and titles for various achievements. We interact with several other kingdoms spread throughout Texas.

         We hold courts, feasts, Arts and Sciences competitions, camping trips and group trips to various medieval style events.

         We enhance our ability to do all this by creating fictional characters (persona) that we play in our games and at social events. The role-playing is intended to be spontaneous, so there are no scripts.

         We also wear Medieval/Fantasy costumes to enhance role-playing and to identify our personas.

         We engage in safety-minded combat in the style of medieval warfare, from one-on-one tournaments to large-scale "capture the flag" battles. Our weapons are "boffer weapons" modeled after medieval weapons, but are foam-padded to ensure maximum safety. We also have a magic system to simulate the feel of wizardry in the spirit of fictional fantasy.

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started in HFS is to attend one of the regular meetings of an HFS group near you. You must be fourteen (14) years or older to take part in a battle game, and if you are under eighteen (18) years of age, you must have the permission of a guardian to participate in battlegames.  There will be a participant's waiver that the participant  (and the participant's legal guardian if under the age of 18) that will need to be signed prior to taking part of marshal activities.

Next, you should start to create a persona, your character, to begin role-playing. In creating your persona, do not use the name of an historical or popular fictional character. You may loosely base your persona on favorite character. The HFS game is designed for use in a pre-industrial medieval or ancient society, so try to make your character fit into that genre.

Now you need some medieval-looking garb. Tunics can be easily made from existing clothing or from scratch. If you can attend a meeting of an existing HFS group, you should be able to find someone eager to help you make your garb. Now you look the part!

Next, familiarize yourself with the rules; one of the officers at the meeting should be able to get you a copy or go to the library and print your own.  The Players Guide has information on all the basic classes. Decided what class best fits the character you've created. Read up on the other classes to learn what you'll be up against on the battlefield.

If you plan to participate in battle games, you'll next need to equip yourself with the arms that best suit your character's chosen class. Rules for construction of weapons and armors are given elsewhere in this rulebook. Any existing HFS group should have people willing and able to temporarily lend you equipment and/or help you to make your own.

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